The “holes” on the stainless steel sink

The stainless steel sinks may have two types of holes, which are drilled for the usage of the accessories such as waste fitting and faucet. So normally I would like to mention them as the outlet hole for waste and faucet holes.

Although the overall holes on the stainless steel sinks are only two types, I often get problems in these “hole” issues.  The difficulties come from the communication obstacle ( me and the client speak not good English) and their rich sizes.  The diameters of outlet holes has 55mm, 70mm, 110mm, 114mm, 140mm, 160mm etc.  About the diameter of outlet holes, please check this picture first:


waste hole sizelet us take the 110mm waste hole as an example, the outer diameter(red part to rest the disk of the waste fitting) is 110mm, but the inner diameter is 89mm (the black part, I also call it see-through part).  The 89mm diameter is same as the 3.5″ hole that we talk all the time.  You can see now where the ambiguity is.  It is hard to clariy wheather the clients is talking about the outer hole or inner hole diameter.



And another most often required size of the waste outlet hole  is 1.5″, but actually the 1.5″ is not the size of the waste fitting, it is the size of the pipe like the picture. 1.5 inch holeYes, 1.5″ is the standard diameter of the pipe underneath the waste fitting. I haven’t heard any other sizes for the pipe diameter other than 1.5″.




Faucet holes of stainless steel sinksThe faucet hole is easy to tell. The most often used diameters are 28mm, 32mm, 35mm, 38mm.  Just let us know about the size of the faucet hole and the distance between it, then we can make exactly for you.

In summary, the holes on the stainless steel sinks may be done wrongly if we confuse with the sizes that we are talking about. We need to be careful for it.


Stainless steel sinks exhibited in 113th Canton Fair

Stainless steel sinks showed in the fair

Our stainless steel sinks were showed in the booth of 11.2 H09 in the 113th Canton Fair.  As a sales representative for the stainless steel sinks, I think this is my 14th time to attend the Fair. I still vividly remember the time when I was still a newbie to the exportation and hardly know anything about the stainless steel sinks, but now I have become an expert for this product.

This time we are bringing the sinks for Middle East and Africa clients, and we did meet a lot of potential buyers. I am expecting to be their partners asap.

Difference between 201 and 304 stainless steel sink

Stainless steel sink is mainly produced by two types of steel, 201 and 304. Although there are other types of stainless steel in the market, 201 and 304 is the dominant material for sinks.

Sinks made from 201 and 304 can Not be tell by naked eyes, however, they have diffrences,  let us talk one by one:

1. The cost.  Let us take sink in the size of 1000x500mm(single bowl single drainboard) as an example and make it in the thickness of 0.6mm,  if it is made from 201 stainless steel, it may cost around usd$10, but when the 304 stainless steel is used, the cost will be increased up to $15.  304 is 50% higher than 201 sinks. But this is the cost against the current crude material and the size(if the size is bigger, the difference will be bigger). The 304 drops a lot these days because the economy is getting worse in the developed countries. Normally, the cost of 304 is 100% higher than 201.  So now it is a good period to make the products in 304 if you have demands for them.

2. The quality. Although both 304 and 201 are rust-resistant, they have different performance after using them for a period. To brief the difference, the 201 stainless steel sinks will change its color after it has been used for a while. 304 will have this performance as well, but this period  is much longer than 201.  We can not be sure how fast will the 201 stainless steel sink decreases its color, it is decided by how you will use and maintain your sinks. But according to my experiences, the period for 201 stainless steel sink should not be shorter than 1 year.  If you use the sinks in a proper way and keep them well, 201 stainless steel sink can be used for a very long period in good performance as well.

It is normal that you pay for what you get. 201 or 304 stainless steel sinks are looked the same at the beginning, so what you have to consider is the future quality you need or the better price you need. Personally speaking, I would go for 201 stainless steel sink because I can change to a new one without a financial burden. Look how many style of 1000x500mm, 1200x500mm sink we have, and there will be more styles coming out and there are so many other factories out there, you would have hundreds of styles of sinks in the same size for your choices. Once you get tired of the looking of sinks in your kitchen, why bother to change it if it is cheap? That is why many of my clients prefer the 201 stainless steel sinks that much.



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